Find 100% Organic Cotton Clothing: Shop guide & Maintenance manual

Stylish and practical cotton clothing and down jackets are essential to cope with the cold changes of London’s winter. canada goose outlet store UK. Even an ultra-heavy coat can be worn as well as a fashionable one, as long as it is properly matched.

Identify the pros and cons of cotton and down jackets?

Since the purchase channels of big shopping malls or specialty stores are strict, when you buy cotton products with fillers, it is best to choose a big shopping mall or supermarket. cheap weighted blanket sale. When shopping, smell if there is any smell, if the texture is not soft enough or smelly, you should refuse to buy.


Place the garment or quilt on a flat surface to see if it is even and even, and rub it with your hand to see if there is any velvet. If it is relatively flat and does not velvet, the quality is better. If it is velvet, it means that the filling inside is shoddy, or the garment making process is backward.


Touch to see if it’s holding hands. A good cotton or down jacket is fluffy and soft, hands-off, and lighter. And poor quality down jackets are often filled with crushed chicken feathers or black heart cotton, easy to tie hands.


Take a pat with your hand to see if there is any dust, and some of the floc cotton products made with black heart cotton will even tie hands. If it is clean and dust-free, it is not black heart cotton.

Washing methods for cotton clothing

Cotton is very easy to shrink at high temperatures. To avoid shrinkage, the water temperature should be appropriate. It is generally recommended that you wash it in warm or cold water. Discover new season trends cotton jacket for ladies. After washing, hang the Canada Goose cotton coat in a cool place to dry, to improve the service life of the cotton jacket.

  • Pure cotton has good alkali resistance and heat resistance. It can be washed with a variety of detergents, but it is not suitable for chlorine bleaching;
  • Do not soak too long, wash in time;
  • Dry in the shade and avoid exposure, so as to avoid fading of dark clothes;
  • Do not wring out.

Knowledge of buying Cotton

When buying cotton coats, we must pay attention to the quality screening.

The quality of cotton clothing is not only related to the characteristics of fibers and processing technology, but also with the density, weight and method of cotton fibers. Best canada goose uk jacket. The thicker the cotton fiber, the better the texture and appearance of cotton clothing. In general, soft, tightly woven cotton jackets are more durable.

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